The Buying Exposure



The Flat Fee System is a blended service that gives your property blanket exposure to all buyers in BC©.  Our system maintains your right to sell your own property while extending the privilege of accessing the MLS©.  Our clients will have the comfort to know that private buyers along with licensed agents have equal opportunity to purchase your property.



There is a percentage of Buyers in BC that would only purchase real estate from a Seller Directly.  One of the primary motivation for a Seller is selling privately is to save on the commission.   Over the years thousands of private transactions have completed successfully.


Multiple Listing System (MLS)

The Multiple Listing System also knows as the MLS© is considered the most powerful tool on planet earth – when you want to sell your property for the most money and the quickest.   Only with the help of REALTOR© can the member of the public publish their property on the MLS©.  The primary concern for Sellers is the massive fees required to complete a sale.