2019 Five Essential Factors you should know when selling your property in the Greater Vancouver Area for the most and quickest

1. Ensure your property is published on the MLS® (Multiple Listing System)

Did you know that 80 percent of all real estate transactions occur using the power of the MLS®?  This is a database that syndicates your property for sale to thousands of buying agents, companies, and online sites

2. Ensure you have a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to determine an asking price for the property

Before selling your home ensure you have a professional appraisal done or have CMA report in prepared for your review.  This report gives you a listing of properties that are similar to the one you would like to sell and that have sold in your area, as well as properties that are currently available.  This report helps you to derive an asking price for the property.

3. Ensure you have your property measured professionally.

Every square foot counts.  To ensure the property is marketed at an accurate price it is imperative to have the property measured by a third party source.  A listing of measurements for each room, foyer, and hallway along with a floor plan and a 3-D drawing will help to ensure that the sale of the property is successful.

4. Know your Market Conditions

Be aware of the current market trends around the Greater Vancouver Area, and more importantly, know if your neighborhood is in a Sellers, Buyers, or Balance Market. 

5. Work with a REALTOR®

Working with a professional Real Estate Agent ensures that you are able to navigate through the entire selling process.  There are traditional offices, discount offices, and Flat Fee offices.  As a FLAT FEE agent providing premium listing services and massive marketing exposure, I am available anytime to field your questions or concerns.