The most important price when selling your home comes when a buyer gives you an offering price that you accept!  This is true when you the seller (vendor) is willing to “TREAT” you are open to offers from prospective buyers, but before we come to this point we have many other price points we should be familiar with.

The first step once you have decided to sell your home is determined if you can afford to sell your home.  “Real Life Issues” you may have other financial obligation, other liabilities or once you have sold what would you do? and then there are other expenses such as cleaning, moving, upgrading, storage, and the largest expenditure is the agent’s commission.


Be sure to have a plan.

Your next step is to determine what price you want to market your home for.  Some owners may use a basic attempt of pricing your home by using the “internet” the fact of the matter a REALTOR is training to develop a  Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).  It is in the best interest of a homeowner to inquire about a CMA before determining a marketing price for your home.

The goal is to determine the market value of your home and make it sellable, however at the same time this is your home and you have to grant the LISTING price.  Just don’t fall into a trap of being a property seller with an overpriced real estate.  Work with me to find that balance. To discuss this topic or for any of your real estate questions please contact me directly at 604-657-1596.